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Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle

Critically Endangered



The remaining population is unknown, but considered very small


The species grows to be around 18 to 24 centimetres in length


The weight of the species is between 500 grams to 1 kilogram




The species is found only on Rote Island in Indonesia, with only 2 known populations which are in a range of 70 square kilometres


The Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle has a rough shell which is wide and oval shaped which is a bull brown colour. The species has a very long neck which is around two thirds of the length of its body. The neck is a darker brown compared to the body and the species has ringed eyes.

Quick Facts

Find Out More About the Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle

The Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle behaviour consists of:

  • Having up to 3 breeding periods per year and lay between 8 to 14 eggs
  • The species has such a long neck that it cannot be retracted into its shell. They have to tuck their neck sideways to be able to fit it in
  • The species spends the dry season under boulders and leaves

The diet of the Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle consists of:

  • Other amphibians
  • Fish
  • Carrion
  • Insects
  • Worms
  • Molluscs

The Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle is found in swamps, rice terraces and small lakes

The Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle facing huge threats from illegal pet trade as it is one of the most sought after turtles in the world today. Only 3 populations remain of the species and it is confined to just a 70km square range in the Central highlands of Rote island.

Conservation Efforts

The Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle is being aided in its attempt of survival by the Turtle Surveillance Alliance which has insurance colonies of the species in the United States which can help ensure the species survival along with policing the illegal trade of the species and a successful breeding program

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