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Bulmer's Fruit Bat

Critically Endangered



There are only an estimated number of between 137 to 160 individuals remaining


The species grows to be around 24 centimetres


The species weights around 600 grams


Papua New Guinea


The species is endemic to the island of New Guinea. It is currently known only to inhabit a single cave, known locally as Luplupwintem, located in the Hindenburg ranges of far western Papua New Guinea


The Bulmer’s Fruit Bat is the largest cave dwelling bat in the world. With large wings, the species is very similar to other fruit bats, sporting black wings with reddish-brown head and large ears and nostrils.

Quick Facts

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The behaviour of the Bulmer’s Fruit Bat consists of:

  • The species does not have lower incisors which is genus name refers to – Aproteles
  • The species is a cave dweller
  • The species begins breeding after 3 years of age
  • A baby is carried with the mother for a few weeks

The diet of the Bulmer’s Fruit Bat consists of fruit with figs being their favourite.

The Bulmer’s Fruit Bat lives in caves in mountainous areas between 1800 to 2400 metres in elevation.

The Bulmer’s Fruit Bat is under threat from only existing in limited areas and mostly one cave. The species also faces human threats of hunting.

Conservation Efforts

Red Wolf conservation is managed by the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan which has over 30 facilities operating. The species is facing some difficulties from organisations not fully cooperating with the survival plan and adding extra layers of complexity to the survival of the species in the wild.

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